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WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU . . . .Check out my pictures below for event ideas.

Bagpipes are great to take literally anywhere;

• Playing bride groom to and from location

• At remote locations; Beach, Bush, Gardens

• During the signing or as guest arrive

• At the conclusion as guest mingle for photos

• The bridal processional or newly wed recessional

• Play to greet the limosine on arrival


​​​Corporate functions or dinner gatherings often require an MC or VIP to open the proceedings for the night. Using the piper to lead the MC or VIP into the room and to the podium grabs the attention of the assembled guest with a spark of sight and sound. When the piper exits the room the MC or VIP has an excellent platform to begin the event with the attention of the room firmly focused on them​. 


• Leading in the Birthday Cake
• Arriving at an agreed time to play a medley of tunes as a surprise.
• Hire the piper for the duration of the party and have a less formal multiple performance event.

• Background entertainment from a distance.

​​Yarrawonga & Border Golf Club

May Tournament, VIP Table, 2013


Bagpipes are great for remote locations;

• Playing abord a boat or ferry.

• Playing at remote property or farm

• At the beach 

• Moving procession

• Parklands, river cruse or golf club.

Willimstown Royal Motor Yacht Club. Opening of the sailing season. Commodore Sail Past, 2013

Few instruments can deliver the emotion generated by well played bagpipes. Special requests are no problem and every effort will be made to fit in with your requirements. Prompt organisation at short notice is no problem, call to discuss your requirements. I can provide any or all of the following:

• Lead the hearse for the last part its journey to the chapel.
• Play a selection of tunes as mourners arrive at the chapel.
• Lead the casket to and from the hearse and chapel.
• Lead the family to and from the chapel.
• Play during the reflection.
• Play during the cremation committal service.
• Lead the first part of the funeral procession.
If there is to be a burial:
• Lead the casket from the hearse to the grave site.
• Play during the burial committal service.
• Play as mourners depart the cemetery.

Kidd - Funeral_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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