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​Please understand that these prices are based on the time required at the venue. Travel cost and parking fees may be added on top if there is long distance to travel or specialised event parking required. 


​Under 15 minutes  : $100


Under 45 minutes  : $200


45 min to 1 Hours  : $250


1 to 2 Hours            : $300 

All the performance details can be planned out well in advance of the event along with your music selections or special request. Please see my music page for live performances clips. For traditional highland music please visit You-Tube for a wide selection of titles. 


 Please include the You-Tube link on the email enquiry and we will discuss including the tune in the performance. If a particular tune can't be located on You-Tube, that's not a problem, I can investigate the title for you do my best to find it for you. All request are welcome.

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